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◆4V4AH rechargeable Lead Acid battery
◆2Pcs high power LED at top as a torch, 2W; 20Pcs high power SMD LED (2835) as a flood light, 4W
◆Working time: 20-24 hours for top lamp, dim light with 60LM; 10-12 hours for top lamp, hard light with 120LM; 8-10 hours for side lamp, 300LM
◆Digital voltmeter to check battery level with on/off switch
◆1×DC 5V1A USB outlet
◆3×DC 4V outlets for supplied LED bulb
◆Overcharge protection, the charging indicator turns from red to green while full charging
◆Over-discharge protection function, discharge end voltage 2.7V
◆Accessories: 100-220V charging cable, 9V3.5W solar panel, 3×DC 4V3W LED bulb with on/off switch, one USB cable with 3 interfaces
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